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5 ways to reduce fear and calm your nerves.

Mar 31, 2017

Fear. Sweaty palms. Shaking legs. An annoyingly pounding heart. Something in my stomach that doesn't feel like butterflies, but more like an ant's nest. Fear.

I know it all too well. Heck, I propaby feel it on a weekly basis. Mostly it's caused by things I know  I shouldn't objectively be scared of. Like having to drive somewhere and not knowing for sure where I'll find a parking spot. Or running into someone at the grocery store who I know a little, but actually really not that good (should I just say 'Hi' and walk by or is that rude and am I supposed to start a conversation?).

I've had these fears for as long as I can remember. As a child I was afraid to learn how to ride a bike and to swim. But even more afaid to be laughed at if I tried it and failed. As a teenager I became afraid to say something in a group of people, especcially if I didn't know them well and even more so if they were boys (having as a result that I never even gave people a chance to get to know me, which made me believe that people simply didn't like me, which made me eve more shy).

For a long time I thought I was the only one feeling so afraid all the time. The only one who was so insecure, so scared to fail, to be not good enough. But now that I'm getting a bit older and confident enough to talk about it, I actually learned that several of my friends have these fears too. And not only that, I regularly see people opening up about them on social media.

The ugly thruth about "natural" beauty brands.

Mar 24, 2017

"Oh, yes, all our products are completely natural!", the sales lady from Skins Cosmetics assured me while enthusiastically bobbing her head. So I bought a concealer from a brand called Ellis Faas. I didn't know the brand, so I probably should 've asked to have a look at the packaging so I could check out the ingredients, but I trusted on the kind sales lady's judgement instead. WRONG!

Let's all stop pretending that fashion is dying.

Feb 17, 2017

Punk is not dead, but neither is fashion. 'Yeah, duh!', I hear you say, 'the fashion weeks are going on warp speed as we speak!' Then why do I feel the need to state that obvious fact? Several reasons really. The first one is that exactly 2 years ago Dutch trendwatcher Lidewij Edelkoort declared the death of aformentioned with appropriate pathos. And though I quite agree with her complaints about the fash bizz (being that nowadays clothes are merely meant for generating likes and not for wearing, and that quantity over quality results in poorly made garments with a sadly short life span), I do not see why these defects should mean the end of a sociological mechanism that is about as old as mankind itself.

4 remedies to fretting in bed.

Jan 13, 2017

I'm pretty confident that the occasional bed-situated fretting session is a stranger to no one. When lying in bed, all set for a safe and sound journey to dreamland, it seems only natural to let our minds wander over events that happened in the past day, or events planned for the day to come. Nothing wrong with that. It's only when wandering turns into worrying, that we've got something to worry about. Because when our mind gets stuck on repeat and our thoughts turn into a mad-paced, rambling circle dance, there is no way that we'll ever be able to get some sleep.

Fretting, worrying, cogitating. We all know it's no good, yet we all seem to do it sometimes. And once we've started, it's not easy to put and end to it! So today I'm sharing 4 tricks I always apply when the ponder monster is standing between me and my precious sleep. Now, I'm not saying they're miracle workers, but in my case, they often help.

Let's make this a year of 'less'.

Jan 6, 2017

As a new year kicks in our natural urge is often to set goals, to think of what we want to achieve this year, career wise or in life. Some people want to get new job, a new house, a new body or a new boyfriend in 2017. And usually my list is pretty darn long too, but sadly enough not many boxes tend to get ticked during the course of the year. Setting too many (and sometimes somewhat unrealistic) goals can lead to feeling pressured and ultimately dissappointed. That is why I've decided to narrow it down to one thing this time, which is to be happy with less.

We need to talk about the Lazy Girl.

Nov 25, 2016

Earlier this week a friend of mine who is way more internetfähig than me (I swear sometimes I feel like I have no idea what the kids are up to these days), brought under my attention that the 'Lazy Girl' has been a thing around the web since, well, about a year ago.

And here I was thinking I was doing something quite original and unruly, shamelessly promoting laziness like that. Turns out the net was flooding with all sorts of Lazy Girl beauty hacks, Lazy Girl memes, Lazy Girl fitness routines, Lazy Girl sex positions and whatnot. If my quick google sesh taught me anything, it was that I am certainly not alone in my quest for a life that leaves more room for doing nothing.

But the more I scrolled and clicked through my search results, to more an uneasy feeling creeped over me.

A foolproof guide to getting dressed.

Nov 18, 2016

Putting together a decent outfit can sometimes be quite a tuff nut to crack. Especially when you're battling with the mirror on an I-don't-know-what-to-wear-day. You want to exude effortless cool, and not look too put-together, without looking overly scruffy either. But everything you try on just doesn't feel right.

To avoid this quest deteriorating into a messy pile of clothes and tears of despair on the bed, I have developed a few handy guidelines for myself. You know, just a collection of stuff I've learned while travelling along the sartorial path. You're free to profit from my experience should you whish so.