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Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe

Jun 30, 2018

9 days overdue, but here it finally is: my summer 2018 capsule wardrobe! Care to have a closer look at my selection?

How to travel mindfully.

Jun 21, 2018

Two weeks ago my beau and I travelled to Barcelona. It was an absolutely lovely trip! Not only because Barcelona is such a wonderful city, but also because I felt like I could enjoy it more thanks to everything I've been reading/picking up around the web about buddhism and mindfulness. On former journeys I could sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, or I would get dissapointed because things didn't look as perfect as they did on Pinterest. Sound familiar?

Why Rose bud tea is the perfect self care buddy.

Jun 17, 2018

I think it's safe to say that I am one of the biggest tea fans out there. I'm a loyal consumer of earl grey and rooibos tea in the morning, and I basically can't go to bed without my cup of chammomile in the evening. I love a good chai or matcha latte on occasion and I swear by fresh ginger or sage tea to help cure a cold.

There's a tea for every occasion and every mood and for me personally, it's also an important help to taking care of myself. Making a cup of tea can be my cue to take a moment, wind down and let my thoughts wander or it can be the little motivator that gets me through a difficult working day.

In any case, it comes as no surprise that I was stoked when the people of Yandra Tea Company asked me if I wanted to try out their rose bud tea.

3 natural deodorants reviewed

Apr 26, 2018

Transitioning from the regular beauty counter to the natural one, isn't always easy. And that sure counts for deodorants. I wish I could say that my armpits naturally smell like fresh spring blossoms, but unfortunately they don't. I have quite a physically intensive job and I tend to sweat easily, so I need a deodorant that can cope. I tried several ones in the past that don't contain aluminium chloride, but none of them did the trick for me. That is why I have been religiously holding on to my Dove classis deo stick, long after I'd switched up all of my other beauty and care products to a (more) natural alternative. But, about a month ago, I decided it was time to grab the deodorant by the armpits - or something like that? - and to keep searching till I found what I needed. So I tried and tested 3 different products, and here's what I discovered:

Spring 10x10 style challenge recap.

Apr 11, 2018

I'm a bit late with my Spring 10x10 recap, but I'm not gonna beat myself up about that, because the Buddha wouldn't want me to, right?

Anyhow, getting right to business: this 10x10 might have been my third one (read more about my previous experiences here and here), but I can tell you it did not go like a charm! First things first though let's have a look at the items I picked and the looks I created.