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5 tricks to become a better thrifter

Jan 13, 2019

When I talk with friends about my sustainable shopping habits, something that often seems to come up is that they can't understand how I find so many decent preloved clothes (like all of the items in the picture above). Most of my friends have tried going down the secondhand road, but they never find stuff in their size, everything just seems old, scruffy and messy and they give up before even hitting the fitting rooms. Sound familiar? Well then, I am here to rescue with some tried and tested tricks to become a true thrift shopping queen!

#InspiringZeroWaste: My January goal.

Jan 6, 2019

As those who follow me on Instagram may know, I've decided to parttake in Simply Liv & Co.'s #InspiringZeroWaste challenge this year. First I'll explain what the challenge is all about and then we'll have look at my own January goal and how it's working out for me so far - spoiler alert: not like a charm.

Winter 2019 capsule wardrobe

Dec 29, 2018

We're officially already over a week deep into Winter, but I wouldn't want to break my habit of starting my capsules a bit late, so here we are ;). I hope you all had a lovely Christmas dinner, without the usual indigestion to follow - I know I sure needed some time to recover from mine! But anyway, let's dive into that closet now, ey?!

3 natural foundations tried and tested.

Dec 23, 2018

Okay, so technically it's two BB creams and one foundation, but since one of the BB creams actually gives more coverage then most foundations and still requiers a daycream underneath, I figured I'd just throw them all into the same pot. So, like I've said here before, I am no make-up pro, but I do have an honest opinion about these products and I always like to share.

Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe

Jun 30, 2018

9 days overdue, but here it finally is: my summer 2018 capsule wardrobe! Care to have a closer look at my selection?