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Sustainable Shopping Guide: TD Leather Boots

Mar 17, 2019

A pair of Dutch brand TD Leather Boots' most stunning, sturdy shoes. That's what I want for my birthday this year - yes, I am already dreaming of birthday presents, even though it's not until 3 months that I'll be gettng any. But seriously though, these boots, made in a joint effort with local designers and shoemakers in Ethiopia, look like a somewhat more elegant and more unique version of Dr. Martin's to me. I mean, thats what dreams are made of right?!

And even better, TD Leather Boots ensures that their bootmakers work in a proper factory, in good conditions and that they get payed a fair price for their craftsmanship. They want to create sustainable employment for their workers and they've also embarked on a mission to help improve the socio-economic situation in the local communities in Ethiopia. In 2018 for instance, they've helped the school of the village of Ocha, by providing a full school year's worth of materials to 600 students!

Spring 2019 capsule closet

Mar 11, 2019

Spring is around the corner, and y'all know what that means: time for a new capsule closet! But before we have a look at what I picked out, let me break down my capsule wardrobe guidelines. First of all, for me, capsules are not about keeping yourself on a tight leash of 37 items, which must include the so-called classics, such as a trenchcoat, a striped top and a black blazer.

Nor is it about carefully selecting 37 items, wearing 'em for 1 season and then locking 'em up for storage for the rest of eternity. I use and re-use a lot of the same items over different seasons and you will notice that I've taken a lot of my winter capsule pieces with me into spring.

Why even bother making them, then? Well, I just like to use this tool as a way of adding some intention into getting dressed. It also gives me the opportunity to keep myself occupied with the topic clothes and fashion in a less harmless way than, let's say, going on shopping sprees. It's just one of those many ways to help you learn define your own style and to help you love what you already have, which is so important in a sustainable lifestyle.

But enough of that now. Let's have a look, shall we?

Sustainable Shopping Guide: Sézanne

Feb 17, 2019

Hmm, maybe I should start making this a Sunday tradition istead of a Friday one? Or maybe I'll just try to get the next post ready on time for once ;).

Anyways, today on my radar is the French brand Sézanne. They explain on their site that they are not yet as sustainable as they'd whish to be, but at the same time, have a nice set of goals lined up for 2019. In any case, they're doing their to go in the right direction.

What are they already doing now in terms of fairness and sustainability? They regularly work with local French garment factories and preform regular inspections on their Chinese producers. 85% of the textiles used in their collection are made from natural fibers. All of their footwear is produced in Europe and 33% of their leather is vegetable tanned. Their clothes are made to last, design- as well al qualitywise. They keep their production volumes low so that no items remain unsold and twice year they release a collection made from their own leftover fabrics. And they make very pretty clothes ;). If you want to find out more about what they do and how they plan to improve, head on over here. If want to browse their collection, click here.

How to find your winning wardrobe teams

Feb 16, 2019

Today I wanna talk about winning wardrobe teams. You know, when people work well together and lift each other up, they make a great team. Well, the same goes for items of clothing. Some pieces just pair together so well, that you wanna wear them together over and over again. Why change a winning team, right?! Sure, experimenting with different ways to wear things can be fun, but when you're already running late and feeling like you don't have anything to wear it just feels so nice to have your winning teams to rely on. It saves you the time and trouble of styling an intire look and you also have the guarantee that you'll feel confident and comfortable all day.

By identifying my winning wardobe teams, I have become a proud outfit repeater, which is yet again another way to make your closet more sustainable. After all, loving what you have, wearing it a lot and making it last is such an important step towards reducing waste in the feshion industry.

Like the sound of it and wanna find out what your winner combos are?

Sustainable Shopping Guide: TwoThirds

Feb 10, 2019

You had to wait for it two days longer than planned, but here is another sustainable brand for you to  to love. I lost my heart to TwoThirds this week, another Spanish brand that uses natural and organic or recycled fibres only. Their fabrics are made in European midsized family businesses, mostly from Italy and Portugal, just like the clothes themselves.

To minimize deadstock at the end of a season, they handle a Pre-Order system, which allows them to estimate how many pieces they are going to sell from one product and produce accordingly.  This way of working creates far less waste materials and leads to a lower costs per produced garments, which means they can drop their prices. It's a win-win!

I love their easy-going surfer vibes for the guys, their use of washed colours and their great basics. I mean, how comfy and cute is that velvet pink and burgundy sweater?!