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The 10x10 challenge pt.4

Sep 1, 2017

A week overdue, but here we are: my 10x10 challenge round-up. I you have no idea what I'm talking about: read all about it in pt. 1. I you are curious to find out what I took out of this little experiment, do read on!

The 10x10 challenge pt. 3

Aug 18, 2017

Part three of the 10x10 styling challenge y'all! I have to admit that things got a bit more difficult towards the end. Turns out styling 10 outfits with 10 pieces isn't that simple after all. But first let me talk you through what I wore.

The 10x10 challenge pt.2

Aug 11, 2017

My 10x10 is running at full speed my friends! Today I'm just giving you a short and sweet update on a couple of outfits I wore the past two weeks.

The 10x10 challenge pt. 1

Jul 28, 2017

summer 10x10 challenge

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have already noticed that I started a little styling challenge. I got the idea from one of my favourite minimalist bloggers Unfancy, who recently hosted the summer 10x10 challenge together with Style Bee, conscious style blogger and inventor of the concept. The idea is that you pick out 10 items of clothing and turn them into 10 different outfits, worn over the course of 10 days. Sounds exciting, no?

A Sustainable shopping guide pt.1

Jun 26, 2017

To be sure, the offer of sustainable styles has vastly improved over the last few years. The days of tree-hugging fashions are happily far behind us. But still, finding brands that offer really fashion foreward pieces (that also happen to fit my personal style) and at the same time make an effort to minimise their environmental impact and/or improve labour conditions for their manufacturers? Not always an easy job! That's why I'm starting a small series in which I'll go on a quest to find brands that meet all of my standards. For today I selected 5 brands. We'll have a look at what efforts they're untertaking to deserve the 'sustainable label' and what items I would totally add to my closet if I could (I'm on a shoping stop right now, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming - nor from having a smallish relapse spree for my birthday earlier this month, ahem).