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It's Sunday, I'm in love with TwoThirds.

Feb 10, 2019

You had to wait for it two days longer than planned, but here is another sustainable brand for you to  to love. I lost my heart to TwoThirds this week, another Spanish brand that uses natural and organic or recycled fibres only. Their fabrics are made in European midsized family businesses, mostly from Italy and Portugal, just like the clothes themselves.

To minimize deadstock at the end of a season, they handle a Pre-Order system, which allows them to estimate how many pieces they are going to sell from one product and produce accordingly.  This way of working creates far less waste materials and leads to a lower costs per produced garments, which means they can drop their prices. It's a win-win!

I love their easy-going surfer vibes for the guys, their use of washed colours and their great basics. I mean, how comfy and cute is that velvet pink and burgundy sweater?!

#InspiringZeroWaste: January update and February goal

Feb 5, 2019

My update on our "zero single use plastic packaging goal" for January is long overdue, but here you have it! What were the greatest challenges? How did we overcome them? And what did we learn from it in hindsight? All this will be revealed!

It's Friday, I'm in love with Underprotection.

Jan 31, 2019

Time for another sustainble brand to love this Friday! This time I picked out Danish brand Underprotection as crush of the week. Why? Because they sell the cutest bralettes, because they work with eco-friendly fabrics only and because all their products are fairly made in a small factory in India. Undies made from milk fibre or recycled plastic bottles? They have it! Funky maternity bras in leopard print? Yes, siree! Super stylish loungewear with french boudoir allure? Check and ckeck! And cute accessories such as toilet bags and eye masks? You've got it! Or at least you will after passing by their webshop ;)

3 Sustainable fashion certificates you should know.

Jan 27, 2019

Finding your way in the maze of sustainable fahion is not always easy, certainly not if you're new to the scene. For starters, fashionably sustainable brands are often not out in the open in the highstreets where where you used to shop and to make matters even more complicated, certain brands like to use sustainability as a marketing trick, rather than being truly comitted to the cause. Of course, thouroughly researching a brand's website can already help you see things more clearly (if they leave it at vague intentions and provide little actual data, I'd be cautious). But deciding who is really making an effort to produce fair and reduce their footprint on our eco-system and who is just "greenwashing" becomes even easier, once you get in the know of some important fair trade and eco certificates.

It's Friday, I'm in love with Thinking Mu.

Jan 24, 2019

I've decided to do a super-short post about an inspiring ethical and sustainable fashion brand every Friday from now on. Not to push you to shop! Buying less and loving what you have is always better. BUT, should you find yourself despereatly in need of something new, I wouldn't want you to turn to fast fashion chains, just because you're not in the know of all the great brands out there. There are so many great ones out there doing their best to minimize the damage they bring to the planet and trying hard to provide fair wages and safe working circumstances to all the people contributing to their products.

First up is Thinking Mu.

This laid back brand from Barcelona, produces fairly in India, using certified organic fabrics, like hemp, cotton, cashmere and banana fabric and also some recycled polyester. They are your go-to for very cool slogan T-shirts for both men and women, comfy corduroy pants, cute pyjamas and "outdoor hipster" backpacks.

They provide lots of information about their philosophy and production process on their website, so don't just take my word for it. Go on and have a look!