Minimal bling.

Apr 10, 2015

When it comes to jewellery I always used to be a true Magpie. And by that I do not mean I was a black bird with a white belly that liked to make harsh chattering “chack-chack-chack-chack-chack”-sounds. No. You see aside those just mentioned characteristics, Magpies are also said to collect all things gold, big, glittery and shiny - meaning I liked the heavy bling, statement necklaces with coloured chrystal, rings with big blue rocks and heavy bangles covered with spikes.
Being the slight trend-whore that I am, however, my gaze seems to have been redirected these last months towards small dainty rings, barely there necklaces, and tiny earrings adorned with a big white pearl here and there.

Instead of pillaging my bank account by shopping at Jane Kønig, I decided to have a look at a few of my favourite budget shops' jewellery collections.

I'd say shop away m'dears! Well, at least that's what I did.