Daily homemade meals made easy in 3 steps.

May 4, 2015

Today I'm gonna go slightly Martha Stewart on you guys and have a chat about the challenging task of getting a healthy homecooked meal on the table every day.

You see, drinking raw veggie juice and eating the occasional goji berrie isn't quite enough of an effort, if you wanna be in sync with the whole health hype. Processed or take-away food is - as I'm sure everybody knows by now - stuffed with salt and sugar and - one of my personal motivations to cook my food myself - just not as rich of taste as a fresh meal.

But, when you come home from work or school, or whatever you have been doing all day, you are tired and hungry and the pizza that's lying in the back of your deepfreezer suddenly becomes very tempting. We've all been there, right? So, how do I avoid falling into that greasy, salty trap? I follow these 3 easy steps!

1. Subscribe to a fresh vegetable box service like this one. Every week the people from a local organic farm prepare a crate with fruit and vegetables for me and my beau (and loads of other people as well of course). All we have to do is pick it up in a shop further up our street and pay a fixed rate every month. This way we eat according to the season, which makes our ecological footprint smaller. We eat stuff we normally wouldn't buy, which makes our diet more varied and intersting. And because the vegetables are already in our fridge and they need to be eaten if we don't want them to rot away, we feel obliged to do so, and thus, less tempted to buy those french fries.

2. Make a weekly menu. Once I have my veggies, I plan out which ones we're going to eat what day. I look up recipes, decide what meat I'm gonna combine 'em with or which days will be vegetarian. That way, I don't have to come home and think: What are we gonna eat today?! *insert anxiety attack* No, all I have to do is look at the blackboard and think, okay, let's get to it.

3. Plan out your grocery shopping activities. Since I've already figured out an entire week menu before I go grocery shopping, I know exactly what to buy so that we have all the ingredients we need. I also check our storage supplies of onions, potatoes, bread, cheese and so on and put any neccesities on my list. That way I don't have to lose time with running all sorts of mini errands during the week.

Where the actual cooking is concerned it does still take some self-discipline, but I asure you that the steps above certainly make things easier for me. Although honestesty prevails me to tell that the nights that my beau is home before me and the meal is already on the table by the time I arrive are still my favourite nights.

Do you have any additional tips to make cooking on a daily basis easier? Or don't you care for homemade meals at all? I'd love to hear your ideas!