Jun 22, 2015

desk_voloeseb Today I want to talk about resolutions. Not new year's resolutions obviously, since it's the 22nd of June today, but something similar nonetheless. And since we're on the subject, let me just say that I think that new year's resolutions are totally amaze-balls. They always give you that priceless feeling that everything is possible and that this year you will succeed in becoming that new and improved superhero version of yourself (cape included, of course).
Needless to say though that the human species is weak and that mother nature might have tweaked our self-discipline up notch (or in my case more than a few notches) before deciding she was ready.

Which is exactly why it's so great that when you actually think of it, not only do we get one chance a year to change ourselves, we also get a second, a third, a forth, a fifth, hell, even a 365th chance! Every single day is a new chance, darlings. All you need to do is take it, and remember that 'it is never too late or too early to become whoever you want to be', as my man Fitzgerald put it so eloquently.

Since I gave my desk a good cleaning yesterday (and there's nothing like a clean desk to give you that great fresh start feeling), today seemed the perfect time to take that chance and list up my personal resolutions - that will hopefully help me become who I wanna be.

1. develop a healthy and inspiring moring routine and stick to it.
2. tackle your nasty chores at the beginning of your day.
3. drink more water.
4. schedule fixed times in the week to work on your blog, and then work on your blog (don't get distracted  by Facebook, Pinterest and the likes).
5. even if your tired from work: try to mange one household chore, no matter how small, every evening.
6. yoga, yoga, yoga: at least 3 times a week.
7. buy less, and more ethical.
8. eat less bread and less chocolate candy bars.
9. more smiling, less complaning. realize every day how blessed you are.
10. create a relaxing bed-time routine.

Do you like making resolutions and starting with a clean slate from time to time? What would you like to chang about yourself or your life? I'm curious as ever!