The (non)sense of an outfit post.

Jun 1, 2015

As a fervent fan of everything that is agreable to the eye, I love to spend hours on end on Pinterest, Instagram and blogs. Visual gratification feeds my soul better than anything else, and it keeps me inspired. But yesterday, in the midst of an instagram swipe, I suddenly got struck by the sillyness of it all. When faced with the sight of yet another slightly desaturated and carefully overlit snap of a perfect cup of coffee, I couldn't help but wonder what was I hoping to gain from looking at these images?

(Did you just notice how I totally stole Carrie Bradshaw's stopgap there? I've always wanted to use that piece of sentence in a post. Quite ironic that I should finally do it while complaining about a lack of originality, though.)

And don't get me wrong, I love the aesthetic of those pics - heck, I even strive to make mine look as similar as possible! But when things have been done over and over too many times, don't they just lose all value? After all it's the newness in something that makes it exciting. It's the creativity that makes it interesting. Let's be honest, how much food for the soul can a soulless copy, no matter how pretty, really be?

I do take pride in not being afraid to admit that I get inspiration and ideas from others - after all, without a little bit of copying, fashions and trends would be non-existing and I can't nor want to deny that I totes love those - but if I don't manage to add something that is substantially different from what everyone else is doing, what is the use? What am I hoping to achieve by creating nearly the same blog content or IG snaps as my idols (and the other ones that jumped on the bandwagon just like me)?

Or differently put: who the hell is waiting for another girl with a bob and designer sunglasses to write a blogpost about her Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, her white sneakers, her biker jacket and her new Zara jeans? To be honest, not me.

Do you sometimes feel just as fed up with seeing the same sort of content everywhere? Or am I just an old nag? Please, do share you thoughts on the matter.