How to master the art of going to bed on time.

Aug 31, 2015

idle_going to bed on time

You'd think that going to bed on time couldn't be a strain for someone who prouds herself on being lazy. Sadly enough though, it is. It's not that I don't like sleeping or the comfy cosy feeling of my white sheets - quite the contrary, I think it is utter bliss! It's just that getting in there requiers a certain amount of self-discipline. I mean, think about it, staying put behind your laptop or on the couch with a book always seems just that bit easier than getting yourself together, mounting those stairs and brushing your teeth before hitting the hay, no? Exactly.

But going to bed on time has so many upsides. For example you avoid falling asleep on the couch and waking up with the temper of a thunderstorm half an hour later, after which your beau literally has to drag you up the stairs. It'll also help you getting out of bed again in the morning, which is nice if you like to get to work on time without having to give up breakfast. I also firmly believe that getting enough sleep has a positive effect on my general mood, resilience and stress-level - not to mention my skin. Which is exactly why I started looking for (and found!) ways to make going to bed easier.

Tackle important stuff first

Sometimes you'll find yourself unable to go to bed at 10 P.M. (my personal sleeping goal), because you're still busy doing something important, like finishing a blogpost, paying a bill you're already a day late for, putting in a washing machine with the blouse you want to wear to work tomorrow etc. Now, I'm not saying that you should just drop those things and hop on your matrass, I am saying you should plan your evening better. Got something with a high priority on your to-do list that day? Do it as soon as you finished eating and not after you've been petting your cat four an hour while reading in a magazine or checking instagram for the gazillionth time.

Do something fun

If you haven't done anything for you yet, chances are you won't feel satisfied about your evening and hence won't want to go to bed, because then the day will be over without you having done something you really like. That's why after you've checked off the neccesary stuff of your list, you should take the time for a consciously chosen relaxing activity, be that calling up a friend you haven't heard in a while, giving yourself a manicure, watching a movie, reading a book or doing some yoga, whatever gets your happy vibes goin'. Afterwards getting ready for bed will be so much easier, I promise.

Make it a routine

I've gotten into the habit of making myself a cup of tea about half an hour before I plan to be under the covers. I drink my tea (preferably herbal or decaf to ensure a good night's sleep) and read a bit while sitting on the couch with Miss Mirabelle. 5 - 10 mins after I've finished my tea I go upstairs, wash my face, brush my teeth and apply my serum and night cream and I go to bed. Maybe I'll read for another 5 mins or just have a little chat and a cuddle with my beau and then I just turn off the lights. The funny thing is that in the meantime I've gotten so used to that little routine that I really need it to have the feeling that my night is complete and I can go to sleep in peace. That may sound a little rigid to some people, but since I find it really helps me to end my day with a feeling of contentment, I honestly couldn't care less.

Do you have a nighttime routine or other ways to ensure yoursef of an early night?