Why routines are perfect for the faenient.

Sep 21, 2015


In a not so very distant past, routines seemed to be something for boring people only. People who were stuck in a rut, living their lives on autopilot instead of carping that f*cking diem. Lately however they seem to be the new cocaïne for productive creatives and young entrepreneurs. A way to manage our busy, busy, busy lives and get the most work done in the shortest amount of time, to get the absolute maximum out of our lives and help us reach our goals - no matter how high. Now I have to admit that both ways of looking at routines kind of give me the creeps, but nonetheless, I actually do believe all those routiniously undertaking peeps are on the something.

It basically boils down to this: routines just make stuff easier.

Think about it. No matter how lazy  you're gonna be, they're 'll always be some chores you need/want to get done in a day, like say, buying bread and looking after your personal hygiene. Putting those tasks in a routine will make them easier. After a while they might even come just as natural to you as your little nasty habits - or at least as natural as wiping your behind after doing a number 2. Practice makes perfect and repetition makes for more efficient work.

All of this to say that installing some routine in your life will ultimately give you more time to do the stuff you really want to do, be it binge-watching Downton Abbey if you're like me or starting up your own business if you're like said busy bees.

But the beauty of routines is that they don't neccesarily have to consist of things you don't really like to do. My evening routine for instance consists of drinking tea and reading, two things that I happen to like doing a lot. Or take yoga. I love, love, love to practice yoga on my living room floor in the sole company of Jen Hilman, but if I don't do it every single day, half an hour after dinner, I just doesn't happen at all. I simply don't seem to get around to doing it. So simply put, routines are a way of forcing yourself to do things that you know you'll thank yourself for afterwards, or even already while you're doing them.

On a plus, routines seem to make our lives feel more meaningful. More and more scientists and psychologists seem to agree that happiness is not to be found in some sort of YOLO-moments-of-euphoria-kind-of-life, but in the mundane and the things we do on te daily.

This might - as referred to in the beginning of this post - seem highly boring to some, but it doesn't have to be. Sure, you might not get any kicks from a daily routine, but if it contains enough stuff that you love, it'll give you a whole lot long-term fulfilment. Just like sex with someone new might be super-exciting, but sex with someone who you love and trust and who knows your body inside out is gonna be way better.

So what do ya think, did I convince you to be a routine sucker already? Or I am really completely off track when it comes to a meaningful way to spend your life?

Oh, and in case you were wondering faenient is just another fancy word for lazy.