The importance of a picture perfect bedside table.

Oct 26, 2015

In the hustle and the bustle of everyday life the importance of an aesthetically pleasing bedside table can be easily overlooked. After all, the bedroom is mainly meant for sleeping, an act that most people tend to perform with their eyes closed, which might make an impeccable styling seem kind of obsolete.

Nothing however can be less silly than to fall into that trap. After all, the bedroom should be a place where one can relax and unwind and not be bothered by ugly, discomforting or cluttery things. A carefully thought-out composition that is not only practical, but also easy on the eyes, helps me to clear my head and come into a serene state-of-mind (and on a plus: your "sunday in bed"-pics on instagram look way cuter).

Want some tips and tricks to get your nightstand to a state of perfection?

1. Find the perfect center piece, which in my case is the vintage Thonet, though I wouldn't mind replacing it by a Hay tray table one day for a more minimal effect.

2. Add a plant. Plants are perfect to add a touch of softness, warmth and tranquility to a room. I chose for the currently quite trendy Monstera deliciosa, otherwise known as the cheese plant.

3. Incorporate your personal must-haves. For most people this list will contain some sort of alarm clock (I personally try to keep my phone out of the bedroom to avoid endless late-night pinterest sessions that mess with my sleep) and bedside lamp (mine's just an old Ikea one, but this one is really nice I think). I've also added a glass of water (very handy if you're always thirsty in the morning like me. I have to warn you though: keep an eye out for spiders! I once nearly drank one that had slipped into my water during the night), an eye-mask (since we could do with some better curtains), and a marble printed tray to put my earrings and hairbands on that I systematically forget to remove when I'm in the bathroom.
Try not to make this list too long as it will lead to a cluttered nightstand, and keep in mind a certain colour palette. You won't be surprised by now that I chose for an all black, white and grey theme. I dare say, picking a green plant was already quite a bold choice for me!

Do you care for a visually appealing bedside table? And what your nightstand essentials?