5 things to do in bed.

Dec 18, 2015

Today's statement is that beds are amazing things. In fact, they are so great that it's a bit of a shame to use them just for the acts of sleeping (and if you're lucky, having sex). I mean, did you know that Henri Matisse made lots of his famous cut-outs while in bed? Admittedly, the sod had underwent a surgery - after being diagnosed with abdominal cancer - that left him chair and bed bound, so it wasn't as if he had many other options, but that is not the point. The point is that beds are amazing and great things can happen while in them. Feeling it? Check out my top 5 things to do in bed!

1. Who-ever said you needed to brave the cold and the crowdyness of the city to do your last-minute christmas shopping? Just do it right at home, in your bed, with cup of hot chocolate in hand.

2. Social contact is all very nice, but with those busy holidays even the most extreme people-persons might feel slighty overdosed. Going on social lockdown a few days beforehand gives you the chance to build in a little buffer. And it is also the perfect excuse to binge-watch your favourite series...

3. ...or read until your eyes hurt (oh, the excuisite pain).

4. Install a little wellness salon in your bedroom, facemask, footmassage (please, honey?) and nail polish included. Oh, and don't forget that beauty sleep!

5. Or just tap into the easiest way to spend another hour in horizontal state: have your breakfast in bed.

What are you favourite things to do in bed?