5 reasons to invest in stylish loungewear.

Oct 7, 2016

When thinking of investment pieces, a pair of pyjama pants isn't likely the first thing to come to mind. But just because we are more inclined to spend the bigger part of our pay-check on daywear, doesn't mean it is the right way to go. I mean, think about it: how often have you worn those classy heels that seemed such a bargain when they were on sale at Net-à-porter? And how often do you wear your grey joggers and that old sweater with holes in it? Now do the math when it comes to the cost per wear of each of those items and you'll quickly know what I'm talking about. And if you haven't got you convinced just yet, read on for 4 more reasons to invest in stylish loungewear.

1. So, imagine this: You, lounging on the couch on your day off in hereabove mentioned pants and ditto sweater, binge watching Outlander's second season and eating chocolate. Verra nice, aye? But then, suddenly, the doorbell rings! OH THE HORROR! For a moment you consider pretending you are not home - because opening the door in your state is simply too embarrasing, but in the end the wish to get your hands on your latest online purchase is just too strong. Bravely you walk the walk of shame towards the door. You can see in the mailman's eyes how he categorises you under 'will die alone with 20 cats', but you keep your poise and smile while politely thanking him. After you've closed the door you think, 'this is my house, I can wear whatever I want you prick!' And you hurry off for another piece of comforting chocolate. God, the world can be cruel sometimes.

Now imagine the same scenario, but when you are wearing a classy grey alpaca cardigan, an oversized shirt and black leather slippers. Better, no?

2. Investing in a few nice and comfortable pieces is a great way of saying to yourself that you deserve to relax ànd you deserve to feel good about yourself while doing it. You deserve a little luxury treat, just for you.

3. Being surrounded by beautiful things soothes the soul. And that applies to loungewear as well. Wearing pretty pink pyjamas will give you happy vibes and help you to let go of the day's stress.

4. So maybe now you're thinking, well then, why can't I just wear my fancy daywear clothes to relax? Indeed, that way you wouldn't have to spend money on a pair of knitted culottes and matching turtleneck jumper. BUT, chilling in your skinny jeans is just bullshit, honey. No person in his right mind can ever feel equally comfortable in clothes as in loungewear.

Oh, and on a final note: I don't want to be a pyjama style nazi here. If you want to hop in a pair of velvet joggers and fluffy slippers to get into chill mode, by all means do (on second thought, you'd actually look quite fashionable in those!). All I wanted to state is that loungewear should not only make you feel comfy, but also good about yourself, because you deserve it!