5 reasons to shut off your phone this weekend.

Oct 28, 2016

Earlier this month I read an article on Man Repeller (so erm, could I be referring to this site any more often? I think not.) about how we are on our phones all the time, and how some of us are feeling quite fed-up with that. As per usual Leandra Medine's musings on this subject were completely in sync with what is happening right now in the world. But was actually struck me most was something I read in the comment section:

"Every single time I am on the subway or in an elevator or in the waiting room of my gynecologist’s office I look around only to see everyone with their necks bent, eyes down, thumbs hammering at their screens like mallets in a game of whack-a-mole. And my first thought is “What have we turned into? Is it really so impossible for us to sit idly while waiting for a pap smear? What is wrong with these humans!?!!” But then what do I do next? Reach into my bag and grab my phone." This got me thinking: Where do I stand in the phone debate, as a firm promotor of idle time?

For phone usage consists mostly of passive content consumption which could be perceived as a perfect way of relaxing, of letting the brain go gently into zombie mode, of idling about.

However, #idle has also always been about conscious living, about, well yes, being lazy and not feeling the need to live up to society's ideas of succes. But also about finding ways to relax that leave you feeling whole instead of empty, about practising yoga instead of watching mindnumbing tv, about reading a book instead of scrolling through facebook. And also about letting your mind be really idle (as in, in a medative state) instead of constantly over-stimulated.

And so consisteny prevails me to join forces with the shut-down-your-phone-more-often-and-live-the-moment-camp, even though honesty prevails me to admit that I have myself suffered from painful thumbs and wrists caused by exessesive swiping more than I'd like to. So, if not for you, I'll write them down for me: 5 reasons to shut off your phone this weekend.

1. As mentioned above: Tech thumbs and tech necks are actual injuries, people! Give your joints a rest. Or actally, why not give 'em some extra love this weekend? Try yoga for the hands or neck stretches.

2. Your phone is a secret time eater. Start the day without checking all your social media accounts first and be amazed about how much you'll get done!

3. If you don't feel the need to snapchat or instagram everything you eat, you'll finally be able to experience again how nice and actual warm meal tastes.

4.  Skip the late night phone sessions on the couch or in bed and notice how your sleep will improve.

4. Without the constant possible distraction of your phone, you'll become more mindful of your surroundings. Your conversations will become so much more meaningful, a walk in the woods so much more intense.

How do you feel about your phone? A dangerously addictive thing, or the worlds most useful tool?