A foolproof guide to getting dressed.

Nov 18, 2016

Putting together a decent outfit can sometimes be quite a tuff nut to crack. Especially when you're battling with the mirror on an I-don't-know-what-to-wear-day. You want to exude effortless cool, and not look too put-together, without looking overly scruffy either. But everything you try on just doesn't feel right.

To avoid this quest deteriorating into a messy pile of clothes and tears of despair on the bed, I have developed a few handy guidelines for myself. You know, just a collection of stuff I've learned while travelling along the sartorial path. You're free to profit from my experience should you whish so.
1. Start by picking a central piece: a thrifted statement jacket, your super comfy oversized sweater, those new patent loafers,... Any piece in your wardrobe that you really feel like wearing today.

2. Add up some ol' time faves: your black biker that goes well with anything, the jeans that hugs your bod in all the right places, your perfect white T-shirt, and so on.

3. Check if your outfit is appropriate for the occasion you're dressing for: Are you going on a job interview? Then maybe consider changing your biker for a classic black bazer. Are you going for a walk in the park? Then you might want to opt for sneakers instead of heeled ankle boots.

4. If you haven't already: add a third piece to your outfit. A third piece you say? Yes. There's this "rule" that your outfit should always count three pieces (shoes and bag not take into account). So instead of just wearing jeans and a T-shirt, you should wear jeans, a T-shirt and a sleeveless jacket, or a blazer, or little silk scarf around your neck. Now I'm not really one for following rules when it comes to getting dressed. This one however does make perfect sense to me.

5. Another tip I'd like to give you: come prepared. Meaning that making up outfits in your head or even writing them down or taking pictures of them is not a crime. When doing this try to include some regularly returning items in every outfit (like a bag, a pair of sneakers, your favourite sunglasses or best pair of jeans). This will not only create cohesion in your personal style, but also make every look feel like 'you'. And in the end, isn't that is the point?