We need to talk about the Lazy Girl.

Nov 25, 2016

Earlier this week a friend of mine who is way more internetfähig than me (I swear sometimes I feel like I have no idea what the kids are up to these days), brought under my attention that the 'Lazy Girl' has been a thing around the web since, well, about a year ago.

And here I was thinking I was doing something quite original and unruly, shamelessly promoting laziness like that. Turns out the net was flooding with all sorts of Lazy Girl beauty hacks, Lazy Girl memes, Lazy Girl fitness routines, Lazy Girl sex positions and whatnot. If my quick google sesh taught me anything, it was that I am certainly not alone in my quest for a life that leaves more room for doing nothing.

But the more I scrolled and clicked through my search results, to more an uneasy feeling creeped over me.
Reading headlines like 'A lazy girl butt workout' or 'Triple topsy tails for lazy girls' it dawned one me: this socalled 'Lazy Girl' had little or nothing to do with actually being lazy and not giving a damn what other people think! No, in fact she was all about looking perfectly styled and toned and giving you the idea that looking like that was easy! Search for lazy girl on Pinterest, and you'll know what I mean.

Now, I'm not saying that everything out there wearing the Lazy Girl label is bad! On the contrary, I stumbled upon some very cool likeminded bloggers, funny memes and helpful hacks as well. Heck, I write the same sort of slightly silly 'lifestyle guides', so who am I to judge?
I guess all I really want to stress is that the most important message I'm trying to send into the world with #Idle is that I'm feeling fed up with society's constant pressure to be perfect, and that it is completely normal if you feel the same way. I'm trying to break with the stereotype that women should always have flawless manicures, spend hours on end ironing their hair and doing their make-up and sleep in sexy negligés.

Also, if I share sorts of 'lazy-hacks', I don't want to encourage you to use them so that you can live up to society's standards with minimal effort. On the contrary, I like to encourage everyone to find their own way of life, their own path to bliss and happiness. One that does not neccesarily involve climbing up the social ladder, making big career moves and striving to earn more and more money, so that you can buy the right clothes and pay for perfect looks.

Neither do I plead for a fuck-it-all-mentality that involves stuffing your face with unhealthy fast food and binge watching TLC. Because that kind of laziness really doesn't make you happy in the long run. (Though, let's be honest, a little bit of it from time to time can't hurt, ey?!)

I do plead for the kind of lazy that involves long walks in nature, time for meaningful conversation, time to sit on the couch and just let your thoughts run free. I plead for the kind of laziness that allows you to to be happy with what you have instead of constantly wanting more. I plead for the kind of laziness that facilitates a live lived slowly and with intent. And I really believe that I'm not the only one.