Let's make this a year of 'less'.

Jan 6, 2017

As a new year kicks in our natural urge is often to set goals, to think of what we want to achieve this year, career wise or in life. Some people want to get new job, a new house, a new body or a new boyfriend in 2017. And usually my list is pretty darn long too, but sadly enough not many boxes tend to get ticked during the course of the year. Setting too many (and sometimes somewhat unrealistic) goals can lead to feeling pressured and ultimately dissappointed. That is why I've decided to narrow it down to one thing this time, which is to be happy with less.
They say that the easiest way to have everything you need is just to be happy with what you have and I think they are right. So that's what I'm going for.

I'm going for wanting less clothes. I did already manage to buy nothing in november and most of december, but then the old splurge monster showed it's ugly head again. So now I've decided to let it run amock during sales month one last time, big time, and then buy nothing but an outfit for my sister's wedding for the rest of the year. I also plan on becoming less of a trend whore and invest more in developing my own style. If that way I can attribute to less mindless consumption, less exploitation and less pollution, I am a happy woman.

I'm also going for less career goals. I always used to feel like my job as Visual Merchandiser at C&A wasn't enough. After all I had studied Journalism, I had potential, I had fashion sense (wearas C&A is really what you'd call fashion foreward)! So I took the leap of moving to Zara for a similar function, but let's just say that experiment didn't work out so well. At least it taught me that trendy clothes don't neccesarily make the job fun, and also that extreme flexibility and working days from 8 a.m. until 19 p.m. just aren't for me. So now I am just so happy that my old empolyer was eager to take me back and I've decided that when it comes to jobs, listening to what feels right is more important than thinking about what sounds right during smalltalk conversations. Which also means that I blew off a chance of freelancing for an online fashion magazine, because it just didn't feel enough like 'me'. And you know what? That actually felt pretty good.

Add less series, less time on the phone, less negativity and less egoïsm to that and my list turned out to be quite long again anyhow. So I guess now all I can do is do my best to tick off as many boxes as I can and hope that some of you will be joining in with me.