The ugly thruth about "natural" beauty brands.

Mar 24, 2017

"Oh, yes, all our products are completely natural!", the sales lady from Skins Cosmetics assured me while enthusiastically bobbing her head. So I bought a concealer from a brand called Ellis Faas. I didn't know the brand, so I probably should 've asked to have a look at the packaging so I could check out the ingredients, but I trusted on the kind sales lady's judgement instead. WRONG!
Once home, I discovered that it contained Methylparaben and Propylparaben (both toxic chemicals which are said to mess with our hormone systems and aso linked to cancer). A quick visit to the brand's website thaught me that Ellis Faas actually make no effort at all to be eco-friendly or work with natural ingredients. Okay, so they don't test on animals, which is of course a good start, but just not all that I am looking for in a beauty product.

I started paying more attention to what I throw on my face (and my body) mainly under influence of my mom, I guess. She's always been an advocate of natural remedies, organic food and natural/organic beauty products and reads a whole lot about this stuff. Some of her stories just helped me realise how odd and unneccessary (not to mention possibly dangerous for our health and the environment) it is to use all these chemicals on our skin.

But just because I try to be critical, doesn't mean I haven't been a victim of a good greenwashing sham from time to time. Greenwashing, unfortunately, is a huge hype as of late, not only in the clothing, but also in the beauty industry. Wearas a mere decade ago everything remotely "green" was considered nasty hippie stuff, it has now become very stylish. Green is the new black, quoi. Which is encouriging brands that are in fact not natural-minded at all to pretend to be so anyway, in the hope it 'll help 'em cranck up them sales numbers.

Reading this and this article on Eluxe Magazine on the subject really opened my eyes and unfortunately also put me on a quest for a new BB cream and concealer (damn, you Kiehl's!).

I have to say though that the more I look into the subject, the more complicated it gets. I read for example that spotting CI+ a number on an ingredient list should be your queue toss it, but as far as I can see even the most reliable brands such as Lavera and Dr. Haushka use these. So either I've been misinformed or there are simply no good alternatives. Makes one consider to ditch the make-up bag all together, but then again I do not feel brave enough to go bare faced. And I simply love the way that make-up makes me look and feel.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you use natural make-up brands or no make-up at all? Or do you believe that natural is over-rated and I shouldn't be over-reacting about a few parabens or  phenoxyethanols more or less? I can't wait to hear!