The 10x10 challenge pt. 1

Jul 28, 2017

summer 10x10 challenge

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have already noticed that I started a little styling challenge. I got the idea from one of my favourite minimalist bloggers Unfancy, who recently hosted the summer 10x10 challenge together with Style Bee, conscious style blogger and inventor of the concept. The idea is that you pick out 10 items of clothing and turn them into 10 different outfits, worn over the course of 10 days. Sounds exciting, no?
The first step is of course to take your picks. I went for these:

1. Vintage houndstouth blazer, 2. Slip dress, 3. Denim jacket, 4. Black band T-shirt, 5. Blue striped wrap blouse, 6. White T-shirt, 7. Blue mom jeans, 8. Black cropped flare jeans, 9. White sneakers, 10. Pink mules

Why I am taking this challenge?

I have several reasons. The first is that I want to have some fun with my closet. Seeing that I have been on a shopping diet since february, the usual fun-factor (you know, NEW STUFFF!!!) has been running quite low. So this just seems like a fun thing to do.

Secondly I want to challenge myself to style the dress I bought for my sister's wedding last may (one of the few exceptions I was allowed to make during my shopping crash diet) in a more casual way. It's the satin slip dress you can see peeking out under my Ramones T-shirt in the first picture.

Thirdly I hope it will help me define my personal style. Finding a style that is coherent, comfortable, classic and yet slightly changeable if desired is my goal. Not only for the purpose of avoiding bad purchases in the future (you know the things you buy and then wear once or not even that), but also because I know that this will help me feel more confident. You know, I find this world to be such a hostile place sometimes, full of judgemental people, social expectations, existential questions and uncertainties. I often don't know who I really am or what I want to achieve with my life. Somehow I think that defining my style will also help me define who I am. Or at least help me find out who I want to become. Maybe that's hoping for too much, but hey, one can only try!

Now, since I have to wear C&A clothes during my working days, I won't be able to do this over 10 consecutive days, but rather on weekends and maybe some weekdays in the evening. The first outfit is from my day off yesterday (a day I usually spend in jogging pants, so this was definitely something new). The second is what I'm wearing for drinks with friends tonight.
*edit: I already cheated on my second day. Due to weather conditions, I swapped the denim jacket for my leather one and added a black sweater. Uh-oh, this is gonna be harder than I thought!

I'm quite excited about this! Please give me your thoughts about this concept, feedback on my outfits or whatever is on your mind. And if you're intrigued, join in!