The 10x10 challenge pt. 3

Aug 18, 2017

Part three of the 10x10 styling challenge y'all! I have to admit that things got a bit more difficult towards the end. Turns out styling 10 outfits with 10 pieces isn't that simple after all. But first let me talk you through what I wore.
In the top image you can see me wearing my Ramones tee, with the houndstooth blazer and jeans. I wore this ensemble to a new baby congratulations visit.

I took this wrap shirt and my cropped flares out on a dinner date with the beau.

This last outfit was for running errands on a Saturday. A white tee, blue jeans, some pink accessories. Simple, lovely.

As you may or my not have noticed this put the outfit counter on 9, instead of 10. I had prepared another outfit, but I never ended up wearing it, because it didn't feel like me. A bit too much street cred maybe? Only I didn't manage to really pull it off, so there went my credibility. Anyhow, you decide, cause worn or not I decided to share it with you anyway.

Stay tuned for my round-up post next Friday!