The 10x10 challenge pt.4

Sep 1, 2017

A week overdue, but here we are: my 10x10 challenge round-up. I you have no idea what I'm talking about: read all about it in pt. 1. I you are curious to find out what I took out of this little experiment, do read on!
First of all I would like to tell you how much FUN I had with this challenge: selecting items, planning outfits (because, yes I did plan them all in advance, that is just the way my neurotic head works, loves), shooting them, seeing them all together, forming such a nicely coherent whole with co-ordinated colour palette and all. Yes. My head certainly loves this.

By systhemetically re-using certain items in your outfits, your style really becomes more coherent, more logical but also more typically you! Finding what works for me isn't always easy. My buzzcut sometimes demands a bit more of a female touch than I would naturally add to get the 'look' that I want in the end. I often find my inspiration on Instagram, but the girls I follow mostly have blond curly hair if you know what I'm saying so, I can't simply copy paste every style on me. This challenge really helped to refine my look. And I most certainly feel like repeating this practice for fall/winter.

Another thing I learned is that simple outfits are often the prettiest. I personally like the ones in which I wear a white tee with blue jeans best. I already wore this combo often before the challenge, but I used to feel like I was not putting in enough effort. Now I think: effortless is great. It's also a good thing to remind myself of when I'm on this mindfuck rollercoaster of convincing myself that I need all the new stuffs to be relevant or fashionable. I mean, the proof is in tha pudding kidz, ya don't. I might however consider investing in another great white T-shirt once my shopping diet is over.

So, yeah, it's been great.

I'd love to here which outfit was your fave. Would you ever consider taking up this challenge?