3 awesome natural beauty brands you need to know about.

Jan 12, 2018

Before we start this post, let me confess to you that I am by no means a beauty connaisseur. Yes, like a lot of women I have been wearing make-up daily since I was about 15 years old, but to me it was always more of a functional thing. I was never that teenage (or twenty-something, or whatever) girl that could spend hours on end experimenting with new products or perfecting her techniques. I've also been quite the low budget shopper when it comes to make-up. So maybe, I'm not the best judge when it comes to evaluating make-up brands.

That being said, I absolutely LOVE the 3 brands I'm about to discuss below. So, if you're interested in an amateur's opinion...

Jane Iredale

I got to know Jane Iredale a few years ago while visiting press days during my internship at Belmodo.be. But it wasn't until last year when I walked into Fin du Jour, a lovely little shop in Ghent that sells their range, that I actually got hooked. Jane Iredale is a mineral based make-up brand. They don't use any sythetic colourings, preservatives or perfumes and part of their ingredients are certified organic. But what I actually love most about their products (or at least the one I've used so far) is that they really make your skin look radiant.

The PurePressed Base Mineral foundation is super light and airy, mattifying yet luminous and the In Touch Cream blush is super easy to apply, rich, creamy and comfortable and it stays on all day (contrary to most others blushes that just seem to vanish off my face after a few hours. I'll admit though, I do rub my face often when I'm slightly stressed or busy at work). I recently also purchased The handi brush, and I'll say I usually don't spend that amount of cash on make-up brushes, but my god, you will just not believe how SOFT it is! No, seriously, like, I could stroke my face with it all day. Such a difference with the cheap brushes from Hema or Kruidvat that I was used to. Now, one product that I haven't purchased yet, but is also super important in the Jane Iredale philosophy is a Hydration spray to finish of and fixate your make-up. But I'll say, it is on my list.


Lavera is a German natural beauty brand that uses 100% natural certified organic ingredients. They are completely vegan and their production is sustainable and eco-friendly. They are also very wallet friendly. I am currently using their Natural Liquid Foundation in 01 ivory light underneath my PurePressed powder, because I just like that little bit of extra coverage for my occasional acne outbrakes and dark under eye circles (sorry if that is sacrilege Jane Iredale), and loving it. It gives me just the right amount of coverage, smoothes out easily and matches my skin tone very well, tough at first I was afraid it would be too yellow. I've also bought their Volume Mascara, but have to be honest: I'm not super happy with that one. During the day it often forms a trace of little mascara crumbs right under my eyes (even if I haven't really rubbed them). Not flattering. But the foundation is great, so I'm deffo thinking of trying out more of their products. They also have a very elaborate range of shower gels, body lotions, shampoos and so on. So there's lots more to get excited about!

Kure Bazaar

I don't often do my nails, since dressing mannequins at work is not a good idea with nailpolish on (it very easily leaves marks), but also because it tends make my nails very dry and chipped. Kure Bazaar however makes nail polish out of 85% natural ingredients (wearas regular nail polish is basically plain poison). I haven't used it quit often enough yet, to see what the effect is on the health of my nails, but I can say that it dries very quickly and has a very nice hold. Me likey! I got my bottle of Rouge Flore at Supergoods, which is a very nice store full of sustainable fashion and beauty products.

What are your favourite (natural) beauty brands?