A sustainable yoga wear shopping guide.

Jan 26, 2018

In the light of transparency, let me begin by confessing that the outfit depicted above is alas not particularly ethical or eco-friendly. I bought it at H&M last September (during my shopping diet, nota bene!), because I had started taking yoga classes and mainly because I wanted a treat. What can I say, making mistakes is part of the process of learning.

Anyhow, finding myself 26 days deep in the Yoga with Adriene True journey (okay, truth be told, I'm a bit behind, day 22 it is), my craving for pretty yoga stuff seems to grow stronger by the day. And to make sure that I won't fall headfirst in the same trap, I decided to peruse the net for pretty yoga stuff. Care to have a look?

1. People Tree Mindful sweater, 2. Mandala Elegant bra, 3. Filippa K Print bra top, 4. Mandala oversized sweater, 5. Filippa K Printed leggings, 6. Armed Angels Longsleeve, 7. Girlfriend Powder blue legging.

As you can see People Tree and Armed Angels - both brands that make immense efforts to be as ethical and eco-friendly as possible - have got some great yoga basics.

Filippa K is not a brand that truly profiles itself as sustainable, but they do show great transparency on where their clothes are manufactured (Portugal, in the case of the two pieces shown above), which I think is a good start.

Mandala was a new discovery, and though they have some fairly ugly styles too, they also have a few excellent pieces. That sports bra is on my mind, people!

Girlfriend makes sportswear from recycled plastic bottles in Vietnam. They collaborate with only one factory and keep a strict eye on the working conditions there. They offer a fine range of active wear in super cute colours. I also love their very diverse model squad. Yay for body positivity and breaking tradional beauty standards!

Now, If you'll excuse me, I'm off to hit the mat.