Winter 10x10 style challenge pt. 1

Jan 19, 2018

As some of you may remember, last summer I embarked on a little style challenge, called the 10x10. And now, in the bleak midwinter, I decided to do it all over again! But before I get into my hopes and goals for this particular challenge, let me refresh a bit what this challenge is all about.
The #winter10x10 is a style challenge hosted by two of my favourite sustainabe style blogs: Style Bee and Unfancy. The design of the game is to pick 10 items of clothing, shoes included, and dress yourself with those, and nothing but those pieces for 10 straight days. Underwear and accessories are obvs not included (and I also didn't include the basic T's I wore underneath my sweaters). The goal is to get your creative juices flowing and to prove to the world ànd yourself how many totally different looks you can actually get out of the same few pieces. This is the perfect stuff to get you out of a style rut, to convince yourself of the possibilities of a minimal and sustainable closet, and to help you realise that you really don't need new clothes as often as you think. The stuff of dreams!

Which items did I pick?

The first item I decided upon were my favourite good ol' H&M jeans with irregular hem. I bought them about two years ago, when I wasn't that convinced yet of the importance of sustainable shopping.

The second two  pieces were my vintage lammy coat and pinstripe blazer, which must be my best acquisitions since like everrrrrr.

My Howlin' woolen knit, which is made in Schotland also had to be on the list. Next, I decided upon my vintage silk pussy bow blouse for a more dressy top, and my vintage polka dot dress.

At last I added my pale beige mock neck jumper, to counter the blackness of the other one and my vintage leather pants.

As for the shoe department, I decided to include my old faithful L'Autre Chose heeled ankle boots, for a more elegant option and my brand new sturdy boots from Zign.

On a side note: if anyone knows any stylish sustainable footwear brands that sell in Europe and have a smooth return policy, please let me know in the comments! I have very difficult feet, buying shoes is really trial and error for me, so you can understand that buying online with the risk of having to pay high duties, taxes and (return) shipping costs is kind of tricky. So yes, I did turn to Zalando for this pair.

What do I hope to get out of this challenge?

I think this challenge is the perfect opportunity to refresh my learnings from my shopping diet. Besides that, I want to encourage myself to get comfortable with my vintage polka dot dress, which I loved in the store, but somehow still has to grow a bit on me. I included the leather pants, because they were a favourite piece when I bought them two years ago, but they somehow never make the cut anymore lately when I'm getting dressed. So, time to rekindle an old love so to speak.

I'm excited! Are you excited?

Join in! The more the merrier I'd say. Or check out all the other beautiful people parttaking in the challenge under the hashtags #winter10x10, #stylebee10x10 and #unfancyremix. Above you can see  my first two looks, the first worn on a dinner date with the beau and the second one for pancakes at a friend's. Let me know what you think!