Spotlight on small business Papierenwolk + A stationery goodies giveaway!

Feb 2, 2018

It's no secret that I am a diligent notebook hoarder and washi tape lover, so when Karlijn Vanaerde who just recently took the leap of openening her very own stationery e-shop Papierenwolk, asked me if I was interested in hosting a little giveaway, I couldn't have been more eager to oblige.

Lately I've been trying to steer clear from big businesses anyway (since I feel that they monopolise the market and often steal ideas from independent creatives), so writing a post on a small entrepreneur, seemed just right up my alley. Click through if you want to find out more about Papierenwolk's goodies and how to win, win, win!

At Papierenwolk (which is dutch for Paper Cloud) you can find a cute, funny, colourful and sweet selection of paper goods that perfectly reflect Karlijns personality. "I know that stylish black and white is all the rage right now, but while I do take trends into account when selecting my stuff, I really wanted there to be enough colour in my shop, because I am convinced that it makes people happy", she says.

As to where she finds the brands who make the things that fit perfectly in her shop, she can be brief: "Instagram! It really is the walhalla for creativity and the perfect place to search for things that you can't easily find in Belgium yet. I really try to offer unique products. Most of the brands I sell are from the Netherlands, but I also have products in stock from several Belgian makers, such as Paper Planes or Leuke Kaartjes."

Where the future is concerned, Karlijn still has loads of dreams: "Adding my own stationery line some day would be great! I have a few friends with heaps of drawing talent (something I unfortunately lack) and I would love to collaberate with them. Another idea I'm playing with is to extend my offer of cards, notebooks, stickers and pencils with party goodies. Confetti, garlands, invites... so many options to still uncover!"

Et alors, are you already smitten for that pink polka dot washi tape? The funny "write shit down" pencils? That stylish notebook or those cute little gift cards? Well, boy do I have some good news for you!

Because you can win all of the above by simply following these steps:

Give a thumbs up to:
- #Idle's Facebook page
- Papierenwolk's Facebook page
- The Facebookpost announcing the giveaway

And / Or

- @hashtagidle on Instagram
- @papierenwolk on Instagram
- Double tap on the Insta announcing the giveaway

Feel free to invite all of your friends to enter as well, just please note that this giveaway is only open to people living in Europe and that the giveaway closes on Wednesday 7 February at 23.59 CET. Wishing you all the best of luck!