Winter 10x10 style challenge pt.2 (the recap)

Feb 9, 2018

I finished up the Winter 10x10 style challenge, hosted by Style Bee and Unfancy, a little later than most people who were parttaking. Due to uniform policy at work and hardly any out-of-home evening activities during the workweek, I had to spread it out over several weekends, but here we are. It's time for a recap!

What I loved about this 10x10 edition

First of all, I was quite happy to realise that 5 out of 10 of the items I picked are vintage. Even the hat that I'm wearing in most pics is second-hand. I didn't do this on puspose or anything. I guess it just shows that I managed to score some ace vintage pieces. And this realisation has only stimulated me to hit the thrift store more often. There are some great items out there looking for a second life and I am determined to give it to them!

Another thing I liked about this challenge is that most of the outfits are combinations I would usualy wear. I wasn't not obliged to make weird looking combo's nor forced to use a shirt as a skirt (or whatever "creative" solutions to scarcity you sometimes see people make in these types of challenges). Admittedly, I did step out of my comfort zone sometimes, but looking at the pictures now and analising, I realise that I didn't even make all the possible combinations yet!

Did I manage to check off my goals?

In my first post about this challenge, I wrote down what I wantd to achive with this challenge: I wanted to let my 50's style polka dot dress grow on me, and I wanted to rekindle the flame with my leather pants.

Even though I only wore the dress twice, I do feel like I'm more comfortable styling it now. I got such positive reactions to my first outfit on Instagram, that I feel like I definitely will be repeating this look in the future. I also can't wait to style it for more summery looks, if only the weather felt like cooperating on that plan!

My wish to fall in love again with my leather biker pants also happily came true. We're just like newlyweds again. I especially loved rediscovering how warm a piece it is, during these frosty days. And though I thought my lace up boots would be a bit too large and sturdy to combine with these not so very skinny lederhosen, I actually quite like how the looks in which I did pair anyway turned out. Yes, a bit "tuff girl" maybe, but why not? I like a bit of variation in my style and changing comfy tomboy looks with more elegant styles actually quite suits my personality.

What were the biggest bummers?

No big bummers, really! I absolutely enjoyed the challenge every step of the way. I love how easy getting dressed becomes when you're limited to 10 items. Even more so when those items are your current faves in your closet. I did think it was a shame that I couldn't finish this challenge in 10 days in a row, though. Not being able to wear my own clothes to work (at C&A we can only wear pieces from the current collection and we're limited to combining jeans with tops in just one colour that you have to agree on with your team-members at the beginning of the season) is something that I really mourn. I love my job as a visual merchandser, but if there was one thing I could change about it, that would be it!