Spring 2018 Capsule Wardrobe

Mar 26, 2018

Under the motto "better jump late on that ol' bandwagon than never" I decided to create my very first Capsule wardrobe for this Spring. Care to find out which pieces I picked out and how I went about the process of choosing them?

First of all, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about: A creating a capsule wardrobe basically boils down to selecting the 37 pieces of your wardrobe you'll be wearing that season, putting the rest away for storage and not adding any more items during the season (a.k.a. no more shopping).

Why did I want to try out capsuling?

Firstly I was just looking for ways to make working on a sustainable closet more fun and interesting. I've been passionate about slow fashion, reducing my environmental impact and not supporting a system that is built on the exploitation of its workers for over a year now, but living according to your principles isn't always easy. The temptation of quick satisfaction (=new stuff!!) always lurks around the corner, so I am looking for things that give me the same kick, without having to buy something. And I'll tell you this: seeing my wardrobe neatly lined up like that gave me a visual gratification that came pretty close to the thrill of buying a new jacket at Zara.

Secondly, regularly parttaking in Stylebee's 10x10 challenge has really opened my eyes to the perks of limited options. So yeah, 35 pieces is a lot more than 10, but I'm convinced that lot of the benefits will remain the same. Choosing outfits becomes so much easier when you have carefully selected items that are easy to combine, that have a shared "theme" and colour scheme. I always feel much more put together during 10x10's, like my style is somehow way more crystallized.

How did I get started?

I started with a huge closet purge (on which I will report later) and then I just picked out my spring items rather quick and intuitively. Of course I am constantly looking for outfit inspo on Pinterest and Instagram, and I've been working on defining my personal style for years, so that probably made the selection process run quite smoothly.

So there we are: 35 items, all old or thrifted except for my striped T-shirt from Armed Angels and my Filippa K cardigan.

To be sure though, I actually created my moodboard afterwards (oh you know, sometimes I just like to put things upside down) and then checked off if I had picked the right items to recreate certain looks that I found particularly inspiring for spring, like these two:

I'm very excited to see how this will go! Would you ever try using a capsule wardrobe?