Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe

Jun 30, 2018

9 days overdue, but here it finally is: my summer 2018 capsule wardrobe! Care to have a closer look at my selection?

So here we are, 35 items strong (handbags and hat not included, they're just there to be able to fit everythig in a nice rectangular shape). I added a few new items to my closet for this summer, amongst which 3 blouses. The black hawai print and the bright pink silk number are both thrifted. The black floral drawstrig blouse is from my charming employer C&A, so it is obvs not ethically produced, but what can I say, I was walking by it every day and it was just biting my toes with its cute little frills, so I caved.

In the bottom section I added this suuuuupercute polka dot skirt, which is also second-hand. I need to have it taken in a bit at the waist, so that it at the top of my to do list, cause I simply can't wait to wear it! Another sinfull purchase were the flowy front-slit &Other Stories trousers. Not sustainable or ethically made, but I just had been looking for a pair like these for such a long time and never found the exact right shape. These fit me like a glove, and I'm hoping to get many, many wears out of them.

All other items are at least a year old, or added since the start of my spring capsule. I'm certainly not yet where I want to be when it comes to buying less, buying ethical and buying sustainable, but instead of beating mysef up about it, I've decided to applaud myself for the efforts I'm already making. You may find that self-indulgent, but hey, why don't you do the same! There is already too much negativity in this world people. And while yes, we should make efforts to make choices that align with our principles, we also can't expect ourselves to suddenly become flawless overnight.

As a little extra I've decided to hang up a wear tracker in my wardrobe, to see which of these items get the most wears. I'm hoping to learn from this which items I should be keeping my eyes open for in the future and which I should eschew with a firm hand (for intance: why buy more skirts if you hardly even wear the ones you already have?).

Anyways, let me know what you think of my picks, and If you've blogged about your own capsule, pop a link in the comments, I'd love to see!