Why Rose bud tea is the perfect self care buddy.

Jun 17, 2018

I think it's safe to say that I am one of the biggest tea fans out there. I'm a loyal consumer of earl grey and rooibos tea in the morning, and I basically can't go to bed without my cup of chammomile in the evening. I love a good chai or matcha latte on occasion and I swear by fresh ginger or sage tea to help cure a cold.

There's a tea for every occasion and every mood and for me personally, it's also an important help to taking care of myself. Making a cup of tea can be my cue to take a moment, wind down and let my thoughts wander or it can be the little motivator that gets me through a difficult working day.

In any case, it comes as no surprise that I was stoked when the people of Yandra Tea Company asked me if I wanted to try out their rose bud tea.

Not only was I immediately drawn to the rose buds' amazing hue, I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that they contain a high concentration of vitamin A, B3, D and C. Apparently roses are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat pain, help with digestive disorders and relieve menstrual cramps. Besides that they are know for their soothing and relaxing effects. Furthere more, several consumers where boasting about it's effects on their skin (glowing! clear!) in the reviews. Sounds like a dream right?!

So I drank the tea about 3 times now, and while it's way to soon to say anything about its effects on my health or complexion, I can say that I'm a fan! Not only is the smell of the rose buds irrisistable, the taste is so delicate and nice, whereas I had fears that it was gonna be a bit to perfumed (you know, kind of like drinking your mother's facial tonic). In any case I can tell you that it is quite the opposite! To my taste this tea doesn't need any sugar or honey as it is a bit sweetish on its own already.

I'm thinking of incorporating this tea in my daily routine as a little luxurious treat right after I come home and before I start cooking. It seems like the perfect little helper to let go of the stress of the day thus far and slowly and calmly transition into the evening.

What is your favourite tea for a little self care moment?

I would just like to state that I didn't get paid by Yandra Tea Company for writing this post. The box of tea was gifted, but all  the opinions written here about it are completely my own.