Idle /ˈʌɪd(ə)l/ (adj.) 1. (of a person) lazy. 2. (of an action) without purpose or effect. 

In a time where busy is the new black, careers are the new religion and coffee seems to have become a foodgroup in its own right, here at #idle we prefer to swim against the current. We believe a busy life is not neccesarily a happy life and succes isn't always measured out in a vast number of followers or large profits.

We believe succes and happiness can lie in a delicious homemade meal, in practicing yoga every week, in finishing a good book or in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship. Rather than aiming for quantity, at #idle we try to look for quality in life.

#idle is written by Nimue Sturtewagen. She lives in the Flemish countryside in Belgium and loves tea, cats, art exhibitions, crappy tv-series, yoga, her boyfriend and all things that are nice to the eye.

Pictures by Isis Sturtewagen.